NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon is narrated by the ranchers, producers, and specialists featured in the film.

Dave Carter

Executive Director
The National Bison Association
Co-Owner of the herd at the West Bijou Ranch

Strasburg, Colorado

Byron Shelton

Program Director
The Savory Institute | West Bijou Ranch

Strasburg, Colorado

Dan Nosal

Rangeland Management Specialist
United States Department of Agriculture | Natural Resources Conservation Services

Ace Ward

Chief Operating Officer
Rocky Mountain Natural Meats | Great Range Brand Bison

Denver, Colorado

Gregg and Tami Notts

Memphis Ranch | Authentic American Bison

Carr, Colorado

Jason Baldes

Tribal Buffalo Coordinator
National Wildlife Foundation
Shoshone Tribe Wind River

The Wind River Reservation

John Flocchini

Durham Ranch

Board Member
National Buffalo Foundation

Wright, Wyoming

Scott Assman

Dakota Pure Bison

Wood, South Dakota

Wizipan Little Elk

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
Indian Affairs US Department of Interior

Previously: Chief Executive Officer
REDCO | Rosebud Economic Development Corporation

The Rosebud Reservation


NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon will feature ranches across the United States. The following ranches and locations will appear in some capacity the documentary.


In addition to footage filmed on location of featured ranches, Meet My Neighbor Productions and Yanasa Ama Ventures will be utilizing footage from previous productions, national parks, zoos, and ranches.

Trinity Bison Ranch and Buffalo Creek Vacations Clyde, North Carolina
Varying Bison herds from around central Colorado
North Carolina Zoological Park Asheboro, NC.

FILM PROGRESS | What We've Accomplished and What's Next

A Documentary about North America's most iconic mammal, it's regenerative significance, prehistoric legacy and the industry that saved it.

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