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NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon will feature Bison from across the North American Continent. Screen Shots of video images will be available in yearly calendars to help fundraise for the production. Check back around October 31st for information on the 2022 Production Calendar.

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Production Photos By Location

  • InterTribal Buffalo Council delivers Yellowstone bison bulls to Osage Nation.
    A THOUSAND MILE TREK… Over the past weekend, two Yellowstone National Park bison bulls arrived on the Osage Nation in Oklahoma. Courtesy of the InterTribal Buffalo Council, Troy Heinert traveled over 1,000 miles from South Dakota delivering bison to multiple tribes. Driving 1,000 miles from the east coast to Oklahoma, Charlie with Meet My Neighbor […]
  • Caprock Bison Company
    Screenshots from filming Caprock Bison Company for the Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. documentary NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon The documentary following the history of bison up through its modern life is supported by the following: Grant Partner National Buffalo Foundation Platinum Sponsors Great Range Brand Bison Sierra Meat & Seafood Durham […]
  • Texas Bison Association November Conference
    Screenshots from filming the Texas Bison Association November 2022 Conference for NATIVE The Prodigies of an Icon The conference was held at West Texas A&M University and even included an appearance of Thunder and his West Texas A&M Herdsmen. Members attending the conference had an opportunity to tour the West Texas A&M Meat Sciences […]
  • Caprock Canyon State Park
    Meet My Neighbor Productions visited Caprock Canyon Texas State Park to film what is left of the original Goodnight Herd now under the care of Texas Park Ranger Donald Beard.    
  • Bison on a Spit! Riffle Farms Bison Roast and Field Harvest
    On October 9th 2022 the MMNP Team traveled to northeast West Virginia to film the Riffle Farms Bison Roast. The Bison Roast is a two day event starting with a field harvest and interactive processing demonstration. Participants are able to take bison steaks home with them. The Bison is then put on a spit and […]
  • Fall Round Up Bigelow Fields
    Working bison is challenging! Our MMNP team traveled to Bigelow Fields Bison Ranch and Bakery in Stratton Maine to film their annual fall found up and working day. These first generation ranchers are proving that even small facilities can handle the job of maintaining herd health.
  • Bigelow Fields Soiree on the Range
    Bison not only plays a role in indigenous culture, as our national mammal it has become an icon even in modern western culture.  The MMNP Team filmed the “Soiree on the Range” at Bigelow Fields Bison Ranch and Bakery.  The epic fall scenery accompanied with the backdrop of bison herds created an incredible atmosphere for […]
  • Rosebud Sicangu CDC Food Sovereignty
    SPONSORED BY: Sicangu CDC’s food sovereignty program brings the bison back into the classroom and diets of the Lakota people.  By means of education, cultural rehabilitation, and whole food education, Sicangu Co is working to restore Lakota values through community-driven programs.
  • Antelope Creek Ranch a Dakota Pure Bison Partner
    SPONSORED BY: Second filming session with Dakota Pure Bison at Antelope Creek Bison Ranch in Mission, South Dakota.
  • National Bison Association Regenerative Field Day at Antelope Creek Ranch in South Dakota
    SPONSORED BY: The MMNP production team attended and documented one of the National Bison Associations “Regenerative Field Days” at Antelope Creek Ranch in Mission South Dakota.
  • A September visit to Durham Ranch
    SPONSORED BY: Meet My Neighbor Productions returned to Durham Ranch in September for severals days capturing everything from herding bison on horseback and restaurant bison experiences to extensive ranch tours!
  • Filming of Yellowstone
    SPONSORED BY: MMNP returned to Yellowstone National Park for another filming trip.  Only this time to catch the entertainment of watching visitors as they “mingle” with the bison. An important part of the bison’s story is it’s iconic image in modern day culture.
  • Bison in the Grand Teton National Park
    SPONSORED BY: Bison in the Tetons aren’t as readily available for videography, however with a little patience and a lot of searching our team was able to capture some epic shots of the Grand Teton bison herds at sunset.  Our team also had a rather close encounter with some of the other wildlife in the […]
  • The Majestic Wind River Reservation and indigenous bison herd.
    SPONSORED BY: Wind River is truly an incredibly beautiful place to visit.  Without a doubt, some of our greatest shots of bison have come from this gorgeous landscape.  A special thanks to Jason Baldes for opening up his doors and allowing us to spend time with the Shoshone Indigenous Herd!
  • The incredible valley of Bigelow Fields Bison Ranch in Stratton Maine
    SPONSORED BY Meet My Neighbor Productions spent nearly a week filming the breath taking views and Bison of Bigelow fields bison ranch sitting between Rangeley and Stratton Maine. From 360 degree views of the Bigelow Mountain Range, to some seriously good baking, and of course Bison, Bigelow Fields is an amazing east coast ranch to […]
  • Native Cuisine with Chef Joe Robbins at Bissell Brothers Three Rivers
    SPONSORED BY: Chef Joseph Robbins is sharing his Native American heritage while cooking up some incredible Bison Tacos at the Bissell Brothers Brewery in Three Rivers aka Milo Maine.
  • A Tipi Adventure at Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch in Thornville, OH
    SPONSORED BY: Meet My Neighbor Productions visited and filmed Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch in Thornville, Ohio providing some terrific footage of Bison on fields of the Northern Midwest.
  • NATIVE Film Featured in Bison World Magazine Summer 2022
    An ancient philosopher once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a good pair of socks.”
  • A sit down with Allan Savory
    SPONSORED BY: We just drove 12 hours to South Florida for a single interview… a very important interview with a very insightful man who can has helped shed the light on the importance of large ungulates in our ecosystem. When it comes to regenerative agriculture, Allan Savory literally wrote the book on understanding holistic management […]
  • National Bison Association Winter Conference 2022 Denver CO
    SPONSORED BY: It was a pleasure to present the NATIVE pilot trailer for the first time at the National Bison Association 2022 Winter Conference in Denver, CO. As usual our team continued filming this historical event as the Bison Facilities at the Denver National Western Stock Show were dedicated and held their first Bison Auction! […]
  • Rosebud Sioux Tribe Buffalo Herd
    SPONSORED BY: Meet My Neighbor Productions had the opportunity to interview Wizipan Little Elk of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (Sicangu Oyate) the Rosebud Reservation and visit the Rosebud Herd.
  • Dakota Pure Bison South Dakota
    SPONSORED BY: We had the pleasure of visiting Scott Assman in South Dakota on the Assman Land and Cattle ranch just outside the Rosebud Reservation. Scott Assman is the founder of Dakota Pure Bison along with Alex Heims. They own a her of just under 1,000 head of bison on over 10,000 managed acres.
  • The Yellowstone Bison
    SPONSORED BY: The Bison of Yellowstone definitely have a majesty about them you simply don’t experience elsewhere. The Yellowstone herd is probably the oldest and largest public bison herd in the United States, estimated in 2020 to be 4,800 bison. The bison in the Yellowstone Park bison herd are American bison of the Plains bison […]
  • Durham Ranch Wyoming
    SPONSORED BY Durham Ranch in Wyoming is an incredible 55,000 acre Bison Ranch running anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 head of Bison in their herd. This is one of the largest herds we’ve had the opportunity to experience and look forward to seeing more of the in the future.
  • Eastern Shoshone Tribe Bison Conservation Herd
    SPONSORED BY: We had the privilege of visiting the Eastern Shoshone Tribe on the Wind River Reservation of Wyoming. This is an incredible conservation effort to provide Bison with a wild habitat range just outside the back door of the Yellowstone and Titan Parks where Bison currently roam wild. This picturesque setting currently rests on […]
  • Memphis Ranch
    SPONSORED BY: We’ve had the incredible opportunity to spend a couple of days filming at Memphis Ranch in Carr, CO. The ranch is a great example of a Bison start up with lots of potential and an exciting business plan.
  • The Savory Institute
    SPONSORED BY: It’s nearly impossible to document regenerative ranching practices without crossing paths with the Savory Institute. We had the incredible opportunity of meeting with and filming the West Bijou Ranch Savory Institute Staff as they met with the USGS to evaluate forage growth from around the ranch.
  • The West Bijou Ranch
    SPONSORED BY: Day 1 of filming NATIVE | Prodigies of an Icon we visited with National Bison Association President Dave Carter at the West Bijou Ranch outside of Strasburg Colorado.
  • North Carolina Zoological Park
    The North Carolina Zoological Park is home to an exceptional herd of Great Plains Bison. From the Yanasa Ama Ventures video library some of these magnificent animals will be seen in NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon.
  • Bison of Colorado
    Over the years, Meet My Neighbor Productions and Yanasa TV have gathered footage of bison in the great Rocky Mountain State of Colorado. Some of this footage will be used in the making of NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon.
  • Trinity Bison Ranch Clyde, NC
    Video shots from Trinity Bison Ranch used in the Meet My Neighbor Farm Series Pilot Episode “Bison Escape” will be used in the production of NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon.
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