Fall Round Up Bigelow Fields

Working bison is challenging! Our MMNP team traveled to Bigelow Fields Bison Ranch and Bakery in Stratton Maine to film their annual fall found up and working day. These first generation ranchers are proving that even small facilities can handle the job of maintaining herd health.

Bigelow Fields Soiree on the Range

Bison not only plays a role in indigenous culture, as our national mammal it has become an icon even in modern western culture.  The MMNP Team filmed the “Soiree on the Range” at Bigelow Fields Bison Ranch and Bakery.  The epic fall scenery accompanied with the backdrop of bison herds created an incredible atmosphere for attendees.  Bigelow Fields provided bison chili and wrapped up the event with some bison education.

Rosebud Sicangu CDC Food Sovereignty


Sicangu CDC’s food sovereignty program brings the bison back into the classroom and diets of the Lakota people.  By means of education, cultural rehabilitation, and whole food education, Sicangu Co is working to restore Lakota values through community-driven programs.

Antelope Creek Ranch a Dakota Pure Bison Partner


Second filming session with Dakota Pure Bison at Antelope Creek Bison Ranch in Mission, South Dakota.

National Bison Association Regenerative Field Day at Antelope Creek Ranch in South Dakota


The MMNP production team attended and documented one of the National Bison Associations “Regenerative Field Days” at Antelope Creek Ranch in Mission South Dakota.

A September visit to Durham Ranch


Meet My Neighbor Productions returned to Durham Ranch in September for severals days capturing everything from herding bison on horseback and restaurant bison experiences to extensive ranch tours!

Filming of Yellowstone


MMNP returned to Yellowstone National Park for another filming trip.  Only this time to catch the entertainment of watching visitors as they “mingle” with the bison. An important part of the bison’s story is it’s iconic image in modern day culture.

Bison in the Grand Teton National Park


Bison in the Tetons aren’t as readily available for videography, however with a little patience and a lot of searching our team was able to capture some epic shots of the Grand Teton bison herds at sunset.  Our team also had a rather close encounter with some of the other wildlife in the area.

The Majestic Wind River Reservation and indigenous bison herd.


Wind River is truly an incredibly beautiful place to visit.  Without a doubt, some of our greatest shots of bison have come from this gorgeous landscape.  A special thanks to Jason Baldes for opening up his doors and allowing us to spend time with the Shoshone Indigenous Herd!

The incredible valley of Bigelow Fields Bison Ranch in Stratton Maine


Meet My Neighbor Productions spent nearly a week filming the breath taking views and Bison of Bigelow fields bison ranch sitting between Rangeley and Stratton Maine. From 360 degree views of the Bigelow Mountain Range, to some seriously good baking, and of course Bison, Bigelow Fields is an amazing east coast ranch to visit.